Alexandre Concheri Portfolio

Ach! Hans, Run!

Ach! Hans, Run! is an exercise I had to realize during my studies in video game design, and my first contact with a game engine. I found the instructions (create a puzzle in a level) vague, common and frankly a bit boring. So I designed the “quest” as a kind of a prank for my teacher: the player is thrown in a generic sci-fi environment with an ominous music playing without any leads to follow. My aim was to see if the player’s own knowledge of video games could fill the void: Will he be able to find what he is supposed to do using his past experiences in games? Will he imagine a narrative background for the actions he does thanks to the numerous SF fictions he has been in contact with? Ach! Hans, Run! is something between a demonstration of basic design skills, a joke and a meta-reflexive experiment, but should really not be considered too seriously. After all, it is well known that lack of humor is one of the major causes of death.
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