Alexandre Concheri Portfolio

Blood in Poviss

“Blood in Poviss” is the proof of two traits of my character. First, I love a complex universe and profound characters, as the novels and the games The Witcher manage to create. Secondly, I am very persistent. If you have once in your life opened the redkit engine only to find your screen turning black, you know what I mean. In this detective story, I played with core elements of the Witcher universe (like deduction, Dandelion and false appearances) while trying to add a compelling side story.

You can download it here.

To install it you need to:

  1. Make sure your version of The Witcher 2 is updated to the 3.4 version.
  2. Extract and copy the BloodInPoviss folder into your UserContent folder in your Witcher 2 folder ( ~\Documents\Witcher 2\UserContent create it if you don't have one.).
  3. Run the userContentManager.exe from your Witcher2\bin folder (located where you installed the game.) and check the box next to Blood in Poviss.
  4. Hit Save and Run
  5. Go to New Game, User Content and select Blood in Poviss.