Alexandre Concheri Portfolio

Stellar Overload

Lead Narrative Designer — Cubical Drift

Stellar Overload is sandbox and adventure game in a science-fiction universe made of voxels. Released in early-access, Stellar Overload is the dream of a handful of passionate designers, gathered under the name Cubical Drift. As the game becomes a mirage, I count myself lucky to have been a part of this inventive bunch. My mission was to make the large universe alive by weaving the central tale and a few stories with the gameplay. We weren't afraid of anything and aimed to make a whole galaxy out of cubes. We played gods and created civilizations and planned their downfall. We thought we were safe and we threw the player in the midst of a rebellion. Our game was to be epic and realist, fun and moving, mixing exploration and construction. It was a nice dream.
You can check it out here!